Writing a simple web service in python

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Python Cookbook, 3rd Edition

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Creating a Simple Autocompletion Service with Redis: Part One of Two

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New for Amazon Simple Queue Service – FIFO Queues with Exactly-Once Processing & Deduplication

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I do calculate (a very simple!) result and use it in the output web page. Although it is not in the Python code, an important part of the result comes from the web page format string in video-accident.com, which includes the needed variable names in braces, {num1}, {num2}, and {total}.

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If you mean with "Web Service" something accessed by other Programms SimpleXMLRPCServer might be right for you. It is included with every Python install since Version For Simple human accessible things I usually use Pythons SimpleHTTPServer which also comes with every install.

Obviously you also could access SimpleHTTPServer by client programs. Building a Basic RestFul API in Python. Published Feb 13, Introduction.

Setting Up DynamoDB (Web Service)

State Transfer) is an architectural style, and an approach to communications that is often used in the development of Web services. The use of REST is often preferred over the more heavyweight SOAP (Simple Object Access Protocol) style because REST does not.

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Writing a simple web service in python
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