Sqlite error attempt to write a readonly database flightgear scenery

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January 13, 2019

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Writing a serious game is a big task that involves a lot of code. It is important to design that code in an organized fashion from the start, rather than adding bits and pieces over time. Provided your uninstall does actually delete all your personal files in your personal user data directory then it will work, because the problem is not with the install of flightgear.

Deleting the application and re-installing the application will not fix the problem, it is with your. Jun 11,  · Sqlite error:attempt to write a readonly database (8) while running: INSERT OR REPLACE INTO stat_cache (path, stamp) VALUES (?,?) In this case a previously started FlightGear instance might still be running and locking the video-accident.com file.

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Sqlite error attempt to write a readonly database flightgear scenery
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