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Public Services Advanced (Level 3)

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Public Services Level 3 Unit 2 - Leadership and Teamwork in the Public Services

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A one day course full of practical advice and ideas to help you maximise the engagement & achievement of your BTEC level 3 public services students.

A BTEC Level 3 Diploma is a practical, work-related two year course for students who are interested in learning more about the Public Services.

Outstanding Teaching at BTEC Public Services Level 3

Students learn by completing projects and assignments that are based on realistic workplace situations, activities and demands. Unit 3: Citizenship, Diversity and the Public Services Part 1: citizen, citizenship and diversity a definition Citizen, citizenship and diversity, in the modern world are terms often used but rarely understood, so for part one I will be describing the meaning of each word.

The course is the academic equivalent of 3 full A-levels. You will study a variety of topics such as Government policies, citizenship and diversity, leadership skills, communication, team building, health, fitness testing and training.

Public Services Level 3 The Public Services BTEC Diploma qualifications are targeted at learners who would like to gain employment in the uniformed public services sector. The qualifications are suitable for those who would like to enter employment in an operational role or in an office-based role supporting the uniformed public services.

the methods used by public services to ensure they have a diverse workforce P6 Explain the duty of public services to provide equality of service to all citizens M3 - Analyze the effectiveness of the methods used by the public services to promote equality and diversity in the society and within the forces.

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