Computer supported collaborative writing assignment

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Collaborative Writing Support Tools on the Cloud

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Why Consider Collaborative Writing Assignments?

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Computer-supported collaboration

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Collaborative learning

Belanger, Kelly, and Jane Greer. "Beyond the Group Project: A Blueprint for a Collaborative Writing Course." Journal Of Business and Technical Communication (): The article describes a week (computer-enhanced) collaborative writing course designed for students of business (at OSU).

Please use the following citation when referencing this material: Dillon, A. () How collaborative is collaborative writing? An analysis of the production of two technical reports. Published in video-accident.comes (Ed) Computer Supported Collaborative Writing, London: Springer-Verlag, pp The Assignment Manager system greatly simplifies many of the administrative process in managing collaborative writing assignments, making it logistically possible for educators to provide feedback to students quicker and more often.

() draw on rhetorical theory to work out concrete solutions for a project management collaborative assignment. Also noteworthy in recent literature on collaborative writing tasks is increasing emphasis on computer technologies to support collaborative writing.

Wikis garner the most interest as evidenced by titles such as those by Davies et al. What research issues should be addressed as we approach the next decade of computer-supported collaborative writing?

In this article the author explores these questions, highlighting five computer-supported collaborative writing systems from the workplace and .

Computer supported collaborative writing assignment
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