Chaucer writing assignment format

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The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment - Essay Example

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THE CANTERBURY TALES: Prologue Day 1 of 2

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The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment - Essay Example

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You will include a Works Cited list even if the only work on the list is the Chaucer text. For further instruction regarding documentation, refer to the handout given with the assignment, or to the web page, or ask me ahead of time.

Proofread well so that minor surface matters do. While writing this it will help your paper if details in your stories match with those in the actual stories. Final papers should be typed, double-spaced and grammatically correct.

Examples: *From the point of view of one of the characters, write a story about that character before or. Writing Sample 3: Excellent General Prologue Paper Writing Sample 4: Excellent General Prologue Paper For recommendations about the formal aspects of your manuscripts, stylistic advice, grading standards, and other generic writing issues, check into the Hospital.

The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment You have finished reading the selections from The Canterbury Tales and are familiar with the design of a frame story.

Chaucer used the design of a frame story by framing the stories told by the pilgrims with a story about the trip to Canterbury. The Canterbury Tales Writing Assignment Students are to complete their own contemporary Prologue, much like Chaucer's in The Canterbury Tales.

The students will create their story individually, and a rubric will be used to grade this creative writing assignment. I revise the instructions (Assignment: Revised Prologue Assignment) for subsequent classes.

Students have the remainder of the class period to complete the assignment. They will practice then perform character introductions (Student Work: Sample 1 of Prologue Assignment) (Student Work: Sample 2 of Prologue Assignment) next class.

Chaucer writing assignment format
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