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Alfred Adler: To Heal and to Educate

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Alfred Adler Biography

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Adler, Alfred

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Alfred Adler

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Alfred Adler: To Heal and to Educate

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ADLER, ALFRED (–), Austrian psychologist. Alfred Adler was the founder of individual psychology, which, along with Sigmund Freud 's psychoanalysis and Carl Jung 's analytic psychology, form the three classical schools of depth psychology.

Though considered one of the three “great fathers” of modern psychotherapy, Alfred Adler is less familiar to most people today than Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung. His psychology—and indeed his life—was all about cultivating consciousness, whether of meaning in life, of choices, of the welfare.

Alfred Adler Biography - Alfred Adler, the pioneer of individual psychology was born on February 7, in Rudolfsheim located close to Vienna. He was a. Alfred Adler's key publications were The Practice and Theory of Individual Psychology (), Understanding Human Nature () and What Life Could Mean to You ().

In his lifetime, Adler published more than books and articles. Alfred Adler, the pioneer of individual psychology was born on February 7, in Rudolfsheim located close to Vienna.

He was a medical doctor from Austria as well as a psychotherapist. Alfred Adler was born near Vienna inthe second of seven children (Corsini & Wedding, ). Having been brought back from the brink of death after suffering from pneumonia at the age of 6, Adler dedicated himself to becoming a doctor.

He studied in the University of Vienna, becoming an.

Bioagrophy of alfred alder
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Alfred Adler: Short Biography and Explanation of Theories